On Saturday the 24th of October 2015, members of various communities met at Table Mountain to embark on an “anti bully” hike.

This was in support of the family of Chauncy Markel Davids, and others who are experiencing similar challenges.


A couple of weeks ago,  young Charne Roberts had decided to “take her own life”, after being bullied at school.

At the pre hike briefing, other disturbing stories were shared, as the participants assembled at Kloof Nek.

There were volunteers on hand as well, they were from:-

  • Ubuntu Hiking Club
  • Rainbow Enviro Club Bonteheuvel
  • Durban
  • Germany
  • Hiker’s Network Outreach
  • Hiker’s Network Search And Rescue
  • Hiker’s Network Tracking

The day was not only about doom and gloom, there was also some fun to be had, with eco and safety education as well.


The wether was sunny and hot, with very good views too.

Well done all.


Be out and be safe.



Extinct plant rediscovered in Cape Town.

The Table Mountain National Park has once again delivered some magic.

Copy rights Gigi Laidler
Copy rights
Gigi Laidler

Please click   here   for the full story.

Looking forward to a lovely Cape Town spring.




Rescuer needs help.



In May 2015, Trevor Ward found himself on the other side of a mountain rescue call out.

He is:-

  • a gentlemen
  • a family man
  • a hard worker
  • enjoys a healthy lifestyle
  • keeps fit
  • is an adventurer
  • a leader
  • a team player
  • someone you can count on
  • a community person
  • a hiker
  • a climber
  • a road runner
  • a trail runner
  • a cyclist
  • partakes in endurance events
  • an all round outdoor person, and more

and, with these qualities, he fitted in very well with the voluntary Hikers Network Search And Rescue unit. It is here where I and all the members, have the pleasure of working with him for the Western Cape Wilderness Search And Rescue response team.

Trevor and his son, Mathew, on a night rescue.
Trevor and his son, Mathew, on a night rescue.

For every road race,

Trevor is a member of the TELKOM Athletic Club.
Trevor is a member of the TELKOM Athletic Club.


and cycle race that Trevor entered,

Here Trevor is riding for the Hiker's Network Search And Rescue unit.
Here Trevor is riding for the Hiker’s Network Search And Rescue unit.

a percentage of his entry fee was passed on to one of the many charities which he supported.

He also volunteered his services at other adventure and extreme events, where he did “rescue stand by duty”.




And then, . . . that fateful day. Please click    here    for the article that was written by Trevor’s wife, Carol. Here she tells the full story.


This unfortunate accident could have happened to any one of us. Trevor is not a risk taker!

The Hikers Network Search And Rescue is supporting the Ward family, as far as raising awareness re Trevor’s plight is concerned.


Please spread this message, and let’s see how we can make Trevor and his family, a bit more comfortable.


To follow his journey, please join the “Tracking Trevor” group on Facebook.





Specs found on mountain.



On Sunday, May the 17th 2015, members of the Hiker’s Network,

Hiker's N R logo

came across this pair of spectacles.



They were found outside the Western Province Mountain Club’s hut in Ash Valley, Table Mountain, at about 17h00.



They look like a ladies pair, and is the kind that goes darker when exposed to the sunlight. It looks as if it is for someone with a small face. Possibly a younger person.

Please share, so that we can trace the owner.

Should you have any information, please let us know via the “box’ at the foot of this article.

Be out and be safe.


Missing person.



Today, Monday the 18th of May 2015, will be 6 days since Taro has unfortunately gone missing

The Western Cape Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) is conducting this multi-day search operation on Table Mountain, and they are doing everything in their power to find Taro.

021 937 0300
021 937 0300


There have been requests on social media for general members of the public who have knowledge of hiking, to please go out into the mountains in search of this person.

Please don’t!

A search operation is a very complex business, with multiple service providers, including skilled trained volunteers.

It is not desirable to have to launch another search operation, within a search operation, as has already been the case on Friday.

Please allow the professionals to deal with these matters, and do not engage in any adhoc searches of your own. You can also help by not “sharing” social media posts that encourages this.

We are hoping for a positive end to this episode.

Be out and be safe,