ECO Mates is proud to announce the introduction of their boat, “ECO Duc- SR2930C”.

After her refurbishment, (she was in need of some TLC when bought), she has been  fully re-registered, and has all the necessary safety equipment on board as well.

She will be used to give people who have not, or will never, have the chance, to experience what it is like to enjoy a ride on a boat. We will also be partnering with the   Hikers Network   Enviro Program.

Hiker's N R logo

She is registered to operate in both freshwater and salt water environments, and has all the seaworthy and other certificates as well. On freshwater she is legally allowed to carry 7 pax and a skipper, while on the sea, she is legally allowed to carry 5 pax and a skipper. On sea, she can motor as far as 15 nautical miles offshore.

On freshwater such as Zeekoevlei, we will not only be giving joy rides to people, but we will also be giving them Eco Education as well, re wetlands and the plant, bird, fish and other wildlife that goes with it. If we are lucky, we may even  spot one or two the hippos who live at the vlei.

While on the sea, we will be giving people harbour, coastal and other tours, where we will get close to areas such as Duiker Island and wrecks near Hout Bay, for instance. Cape Point and Langebaan Lagoon, and not to mention parking off at one of the beaches of the Atlantic Seaboard.

Her two 40hp motors will make for good water skiing, knee boarding, fishing, cray fishing and more.

We will definitely not intentionally,  get close to, or harass any sharks, whales, penguins, seals or dolphins at any stage. Nature is best left to it’s own.

Looking forward to some interesting learning, sighting seeing and fun in the future.


For more information re the use of ECO Duc, please feel free to contact us via the “comments box” bellow”.


Be out and be safe.




4 thoughts on “ECO Duc

  1. How do you find “people who have not, or will never, have the chance, to experience what it is like to enjoy a ride on a boat.” ? Are you drawing people from schools? community?

    Thank you, sounds lovely


    • Dear Queenie,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, we will draw on community based organisations who service the “less privileged” of our society.



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