@safetymountain tracking


This is a FREE service for all outdoor users.



This is how you can use the system:

1) Call Tim on 0834445267 or Michael on 0825757123.

2) You will then be loaded onto the Whatsapp group

3) You then post the following:

  • current time
  • number of pax,
  • start and finish points
  • your route
  • alternate number of any other pax in the group
  • your eta

4) One of the monitors will acknowledge and reply to your “check in”.

5) Off you go.

6) At regular intervals, you are required to update.

7) Pictures are welcome, but not too many.

8) When you are done with your activity, you then check out. “Done. SOM” (safely off the mountain).

This can also be done via SMS, Twitter, email, or a phone call.


The limitations are:

  • There has to be cell phone reception
  • The phone has to be charged
  • There has to be data and airtime

The benefits are:

  • A team of volunteers will be following your progress
  • You will be in direct contact with rescue teams.
  • In the case of an emergency, you will be contacted by the correct resources, from the time that you report it.
  • You don’t have to hunt for emergency numbers.
  • The response time by the correct crews will be greatly reduced.



Please click      here      for the online form.



Click      here      for an article by Cycle Africa Tours.

Click      here       for the Media 24 report.

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Be out and be safe.



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